Besuch in der deutschen Schule in Teneriffa

Während ihres Aufenthalts auf Teneriffa waren die Kusis dort zu Gast im Colegio Aleman.


School lessons aboard the Thor Heyerdahl

Upon leaving Tenerife, school lessons started. First of all, I want to explain how to imagine lessons aboard our ship. We are a group of 34 pupils which is separated into two groups of 17 students. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays group A has to go to “school” and group B is steering the ship. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays the system changes. The lessons start at 8.30 am and end at five o’clock in the afternoon. But, of course, there is a lunch break!

Now I would like to tell you something about the differences between school on the Thor Heyerdahl and school at home. One important aspect is the relationship between teachers and students. It is much opener than at a normal school. Although we respect them like “normal teachers“, we talk to them like friends and don’t use their second name when we address them. Because of the small classes it’s also easier for the teachers to care for every student and to take time for personal problems. In usual classes, there are more than 30 students and no time for serious questions and discussions. One point I really like here is that all students have a great motivation, pay attention and are interested in learning. I’ve never experienced such a positive climate in class as I do here. Even if the tasks are very ambitious and we have to learn much stuff in a very short time, it’s really interesting and we’ve also got time to make experiments, for example in Biology or Chemistry. Often, there isn’t much time to practice new topics in the lesson, but each day there is one and a half hour where we’re able to repeat and practice for the subjects we need to. This lesson we call “Freiarbeit“. In my opinion, this really makes sense because you can concentrate on your special school problems and take the time you need to learn for your own. Extra exercises in Maths or worksheets to deepen the last geography topic with solution sheets are prepared by our teachers in advance. Weiterlesen

Visiting the Thor Heyerdahl Museum

Today, a very warm but cloudy day, we visited the Thor Heyerdahl Museum. The guide greeted us and showed us the library, which is normally not open to the public, but for us she made an exception. The library is quite a big room where scientists come together and exchange their knowledge and talk about what they explored in the area surrounding the Thor Heyerdahl Museum. In the library Svenja had her presentation about Thor Heyerdahl. It was really interesting because Detlef told us so much about Thor Heyerdahl and his journey with him. The presentation was interesting, even without the words of Detlef. We learned, in my opinion, much about Thor Heyerdahl and what kind of person he was. After the visit in the library and after the presentation, our guide finally showed us the Pyramids of Guimar. The Pyramids and the natives who built them might be a clue that there was contact with another culture, before the Spaniards came to Tenerife. The arguments of the scientists are the following: The natives had gods that were depicted with beards, but the natives themselves didn’t have beards and another argument is that the Pyramids are simillar to other kinds of stair pyramids which had been built in many parts of the world. The really interesting thing about the Pyramids is that when you stand in one specific area on the 23th of December,  you can see a Double-Sunrise. The reason why this happens is very simple: In front of every pyramid, there is a big area where people would stand during a ceremony. Now they use this place to look at the mountains. Weiterlesen