Heading Home

Today, six months have passed since we started our journey in Kiel. At that time, no one of us really knew each other and I exaclty remember the feelings I had on the day I got my invitation. I couldn’t believe that this was real and that I was going to be on a journey for over 6 months. I couldn’t really grasp the meaning of this big chance, until the day we left. The last night, I slept in the hotel with my parents and in the morning I said „goodbye“ to my dad not realizing that this was the day.

We waved at our parents the last time not knowing what was going on. I mean, we were on a ship, which was going to be our home for half a year! We will have to deal with 50 other people who we not really knew. That time, no one of us thought that in half a year’s time, these people were going to be our brothers, sisters and friends.

During the time we got closer and learned to sail. Everytime we talked about home we said: „Don’t think about it, there are only two months over now“ …. „Don’t think about it, we have more than half of it left“ …… „Hey don’t talk about this, we have 40 days left“ ….

But these last days, no one can say, „Hey don’t worry“, because we don’t have a lot of time left. I personally can’t say whether I am more glad to come home or more sad that I have to leave my new family and our new home. And it is my new home. Here I got new names, new friends and had new experiences, and leaving it all behind knowing that it is never going to be like this ever again, is really hard. Coming home, walking my room that is so much bigger than the rooms and beds here, standing there knowing that everybody is so far away and that you are not able to just walk out the door and meet someone to talk to or to laugh with.

Now, I can compare my feelings to the time before KUS. Somewhere in my head I already know that all will be over in a week, but I can’t realize it as yet. I am sitting here writing about something I can’t imagine. I think the first time I will realize what’s going on, is when I see my parents and say goodbye to my friends. Sitting in the car thinking about the last six months … it will be like a dream.

Of cause there is not only this side. We’re all looking forward to seeing our parents, our families and friends after such a long time. Moreover, it will be very „healthy“ to get enough sleep without someone waking you up telling you about the weather and that you have to go on watch in half an hour; not to stand outside when it’s raining, wearing 5 sweatshirts and nevertheless freezing.

And everyone has already talked about pyjama parties, sitting together in a coffee shop just talking and laughing about our time. It was our time. These experiences are going to make us friends forever.

But there are some things, I’m really going to miss and can’t see for quite a long time. The sea, the beautiful sea with all its colours and characters. Feeling the wind blow in my face and my hair. Sailing on the Atlantic Ocean with thousands of sea miles of water around, nothing else, no ship, no plane, simply nothing. I will miss this. The sea and wind, the people, the countries, the time, the unbelievable.

I’m so thankful for this great time!

Thank you all,




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