Student Meeting

What is that? Students sitting together?

Well, probably the first thing that comes to your mind are students sitting together and talking. Congratulations, you’re right. This one here isn’t different, but the conditions are. You might think that we are sitting in our classroom in school, but you don’t know that the classroom is often flooded with water. Hang on, wet feet in the classroom? Do they have problems with the toilets or something like that? No, we don’t have any problems with the toilets, it is just that we are living on a sailing ship. This ship, called “Thor Heyerdahl”, is a school project named Classroom under Sail. 34 students are sailing around the world for half a year with 15 adult crew members.

One part of the project is that we, the students, become more independent. Maybe it has already come to your mind that this kind of traveling, school and living together has other structures than living at home. Whenever we have problems, things to discuss or – like now the “handover of the ship“ – we meet and discuss solutions. Of course, we are not in politics, so we don ?t wear black suits. There isn’t a proposition or an opposition either. However, what we do have are two hosts, who lead the discussion about problems or things we want to organize. The last meeting was about the “handover of the ship”. The main question was, if every position will be applied for. If not, the handover of the ship wouldn’t take place. An easy question? Yes, but we like to do things the complicated way (we don ?t, but it sounds better ;)). So, we did not just raise our hands for one position to see if every position has at least one student. First, we were just talking with our neighbours, how the weather is and the cake at 3pm. Then our hosts had the great idea to ring the bell. Silence- it works, thanks to the host. Weiterlesen

Azores – Setting Foot on European Ground

On the 27th of March, we reached Horta, a port on the Azores Islands. At first we had to clean the ship and pack all our sails because there are often many people who want to visit our ship, when we are berthed in a port. After that, we celebrated our arrival … we were back in Europe and we have had some hard days since we had left the Bermudas.

The next day, I got up early to visit the small island jogging. So we met up at 07:00 o´clock in the morning at the pier. I went up the companionway to the poop deck and left our ship walking over the gangway. Then I set my foot on European ground again: after 125 days!! (although the Azores are far away from continental Europe, they are a European island because they belong to Portugal). I had mixed feelings: On the one hand, I was happy to be back in Europe and see my family and friends in one month again. But on the other hand, I was so sad because we had such a great time in Grenada, Panama, Cuba and on the Bermudas and our journey will end soon.

But now, I want to tell you something about Horta: Horta is a little city in the south of one of the Azores Islands named Fajal. Most of the inhabitants are fishermen, but there are more and more people who work in tourism. Because of the advantageous position in the mid of the atlantic ocean, there are many sailing boats in the harbour because their owners want to spend some free time on land during their crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean. Historically, planes, which crossed the Atlantic, had to do a stopover on the Azores because they hadn’t got enough fuel to fly over the Atlantic in one go. Weiterlesen

Start der 3. Übergabe!

Datum: 16.04.14
Mittagsposition: Hafen Falmouth
Wetter: Wasser- und Lufttemperatur 11°C mit 2-3 Windstärken
Autor: Clara K.

Heute haben wir in Falmouth abgelegt. Nächster Landgang: Kiel. Doch davor stand auch noch die dritte und letzte Schiffsübergabe an. Auslauftag bedeutet, nach dem Frühstück erstmal Großreinschiff und alles seeklar machen. Nachdem Großreinschiff erledigt war und der Schiffsrat alles kontrolliert hatte, gab es eine letzte Dhingifahrt an Land, um dort zu duschen. Da wir im Kanal die Osmoseanlage nur sehr eingeschränkt werden laufen lassen können, werden wir auch nur eingeschränkt duschen können. ,,Noch 1-2 mal duschen, dann sind wir zu Hause“, heißt es.
Nach dem Mittagessen war es dann soweit. Die Positionen der dritten Schiffsübergabe wurden verlesen. Alle trafen sich in der Messe und die meisten waren doch sehr aufgeregt. 28 von uns 34 Schülern hatten sich auf eine Position beworben und hofften nun natürlich, dass ihrer Bewerbung zugestimmt wurde. Ruth gab alle Positionen bekannt: Yannik, der heute auch noch Geburtstag hatte, bekam die Zusage und wurde unser Maschinist. Proviantmeister wurde zum zweiten Mal Consti und zum ersten Mal haben wir eine Bootsfrau, nämlich Lea!
Dann wurde, um uns nicht länger auf die Folter zu spannen, unsere neue Schiffsleitung verkündet:
Zoe ist unsere Kapitänin, unterstützt von den drei Steuerleuten Emmi, Jakob und Theo. Unsere Schülerprojektleitung bilden Emilia A. und Judith. Die neuen Wachführergespanne sind: Silas mit Copi Ben, Alex mit Copi Janina, Kevin mit Copi Lucia und Ich mit Copi Milena. Weiterlesen