Saying farewell

Saying Farewell

On Friday evening, our parents and relatives came to visit us on board, so they could see our new home and inspect the place where we will live for the next six months. First, the sailing crew and the teachers presented themselves. The project group „Thor-Choir“ sang two songs for our parents to say goodbye. I am pretty sure that you all know the song from Titanic. That was quite emotional. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty bad. The temperature was about 12° degrees and most of us shivered. But luckily, it did not rain. Weiterlesen


Im Nordostseekanal

Datum: 20.10.13
Mittagsposition: NOK-Rendsburg
Etmal:30 sm
Wetter: Lufttemperatur:14 °C, Wassertemperatur: 12°C, Wind: SW2
AutorIn: Clara K.

Meine Ankerwache startete heute um 2.00 Uhr nachts. Weiterlesen